Notes from the Alan November staff inservice on September 30 @ 2:15pm

Here are some of the websites and terms Alan referred to during his presentation today. Everyone, please feel free to improve on my notes :-). - an ever expanding list of sites to accompany Alan's book Web Literacy for Educators - a bookmarking service that makes your favorite websites available to you from any computer in the world - a service that will reveal who owns a particular website to help determine bias and credibility. Example: is owned by stormfront - called the 'wayback machine'. Takes you back through a websites previous permutations - searches hash tags so you can customize your twitter feed - solves and illustrates math equations - explanations and illustrations for everymath concept available on cell phones (web) - a free educational "kids teaching kids" project created by middle school kids in California - an example of a high school pre-calculus class blog

Architecture of Information examples:
site:tr - will give you sites on your topic from Turkey - will give you government sites on your topic from Turkey - will give you educational sites on your topic from Turkey

To get country codes go to:

To get a google operators cheat sheet go to: Remember each search engine has its own slightly different operators. They also have different algorithms for determining which "hits" are displayed at the top of the list.

There is another district-wide wiki that has been set up as a discussion forum related to the issues raised by Alan November.
Here you can view some selected videos and engage in discussion with colleagues from around the district as well as students, parents, and community members.